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Kachoshi opened in 1999 in Kokonoe town in Oita prefecture. It is located in Aso Kuju National Park area and its altitude is 900m. Green meadows are spreading around it and the Kuju mountain range, as known as the roof of kusyu island, are surrounding it. Tt is so cool as to do without air conditioner in summer, and it is so cold as Hokkaido, which is the northernmost part of Japan in winter. The natural environment is very rich and rare plants or insects can be found here.



Kachoshi had dealt in high quality Bungo Beef (Brand beef in Oita prefecture) until 2016, and after that it has been dealing in the nationwide best Japanese beef whose quality is certified as the best in Japan. This quality of beef, as known as "over 11" rarely go on the general market. We lay in a stock of the best beef at the time regardless of the production areas and brands. We care strongly about the quality of the beef. The significant feature of Kachoshi is this peerless adherence to the best beef. Whenever you visit, we will welcome you with the best Japanese beef in Japan, and in the world.


Kachoshi's Selection


Have you ever heard of Kobe Beef or Matuzaka Beef? They are known as the best beef in the world, however, it seems that few people know the real meaning of them. Both Kobe beef and Matuzaka beef are the brand names of beef produced in Japan. Recently Japanese beef has been introduced as WAGYU overseas. Japan has its original standards which indicate the quality of beef. WAGYU is classified into several ranks, the highest is A5, and the lowest is A1. In Japan, this grading is more important than the brand. The price of beef is decided according to the grade. Of course brand name puts extra value on the beef, however, beef evaluated as A5 is the same quality regardless of the brand.

「神戸ビーフ」「松阪牛」という言葉をご存知でしょうか。世界では高級牛肉の代名詞として知られていますが、その言葉の本当の意味をご存知の方は、いったいどれだけいるでしょう。 「神戸ビーフ」「松阪牛」も日本で生産される『和牛』という品種の牛のブランド名なのです。最近では『和牛』は、JAPANESE WAGYUとして海外で紹介され始めています。 日本には「格付け」という牛肉の品質を表す規格が存在します。「神戸ビーフ」「松阪牛」もこの格付けにより評価されます。ちなみに和牛は最高評価のA5から最低評価のA1の5段階に格付けされています。 日本では、ブランドよりもこの格付けが重要視されます。格付けにより価値も決まります。無論ブランドによる付加価値は加味されますが、A5と評価されれば、ブランドに関係なく品質は同じだということになります。


Sparkling wine produced in Champagne region of France is called champagne. Champagne has become a byword for sparkling wine. So has Kobe beef or Matuzaka beef become a byword for WAGYU. Just like there are many other wonderful sparkling wine besides Champagne, there are many other great WAGYU besides Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef. In Kachoshi we order the best grade beef from all over Japan regardless of the brand so as to offer the customers the best of the best beef in Japan anytime.

フランスのシャンパーニュ地方で生産されたスパークリングワインを、「シャンパン」と呼びます。今では、シャンパンがスパークリングワインの代名詞にもなっています。 同様の事が和牛にも当てはまります。「スパークリングワイン」に相当するのが「和牛」で、「シャンパン」に相当するのが「神戸ビーフ」「松阪牛」となります。 シャンパン以外にも、素晴らしいスパークリングワインが存在する様に「神戸ビーフ」「松阪牛」以外にも素晴らしい和牛が存在するのです。 当店では、あえてブランドにこだわることなく、日本中から最高規格の和牛を取り寄せてご提供しております。日本最高クラスのお肉を常にご提供できる体制を整えております。


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